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  • Ajijic, Mx:(376) 766-0395
  • Puerto Vallarta, Mx: (322)-308-0022
  • Mazatlán: (669)-226-0507
  • Mérida: (999)-316-7025
  • Cabo San Lucas / La Paz / Loreto: (624)-980-0503

Our Services

Lakeside Medical Group provides end to end management of your healthcare while living in Mexico

Managed Care

Our Pirmary Care doctors and specialists all participate in the in the management and quality of your healthcare. Our doctors are all vetted very carefully and most doctors are referred by patients to join our group.

Urgent and Emergency Care

Urgent Care and Emergency Hospital Care are covered by most all plans. As a registered patient with Lakeside Medical Group you will have access to Urgent Care and Emergency Hospital Care throughout Mexico within our network of hospitals, doctors, labs, urgent care centers.

Prescription Drug Benefits

Save Money-Save Time. Lakeside Medical Group owns and operates its own pharmacy right here in Ajijic. You can pick up your medications in our facility and your insurance company will pay for your medications.

Emergency Hospitalizations

Emergency Hospitalizations are needed due to many medical emergencies that you may experience. Emergency Hospitalizations are covered for registered Lakeside Medical Group patients and when remaining in our extensive network of hospitals in Mexico you will have full coverage for any medical emergency.

Lakeside Medical Services

Through our facility and our in-network of providers and facilities your insurance may cover you for most of your medical needs from office visits to procedures and minor in-patient needs. Please contact us in Mexico 01 800 681-9396 for registration.

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