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Medicare in Mexico

Lakeside Medical Group accepts many Medicare Advantage Plans. Only emergency coverage is available outside of the USA with these plans.

What is an Advantage Plan?

Some Medicare Benefits have supplement plans which might include the Foreign Travel Benefits. These benefits are extremely limited. A better way to go is with a Medicare Advantage Plan like an HMO or PPO or any well known Medicare Advantage Plan. These plans are sometimes called “Part C” or “MA Plans,” and are offered by private companies approved by Medicare. 

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Medicare pays these companies to cover your Medicare benefits. In general to qualify for a Medicare Advantage Plan you must have Medicare Parts A and B. In general there a NO additional premiums with a Medicare Advantage Plan


Question: How can this work in Mexico?

Answer: Lakeside Medical Group participates as a provider with many of the big name Medicare Advantage Plans like United Health Care, Blue Cross, Aetna, AARP Medicare Complete, Humana and many more. Since these companies are private insurance companies, but approved by Medicare, we are are able to accept them for coverage in Mexico.


Question: Do I still have to pay for Deductibles and Co-Insurance?

Answer: NO. Patients join medical groups for many reasons including being able to enjoy highly subsidized deductibles and co-insurance. By joining our medical group you will not have to pay any deductibles or co-insurances. Patients are not responsible for a percentage of billed charges or deductibles.

How To Obtain Medicare Coverage in Mexico as a benefit under a Medicare Advantage Policy

(Lake Chappala - Ajijic and Puerto Vallarta now, other areas coming soon)

Medicare Advantage Plans are different than Supplement Plans. Please see below.

In order to get a Medicare Advantage Plan, also known as a Medicare Replacement Plan: 

Step 1. You must have Medicare Part A and B

Step 2. You now must obtain a Medicare Advantage Plan (MA) from a private insurance company such as United Health Care, Humana, Aetna, BlueCross, and many other big name insurers. Sometimes Medicare Advantage Plans are called Part C Plans

Step 3. Go to this link at

Step 4. Enter you zip code of your US address that Medicare has on file for you

Step 5. Select the options on the Medicare form that are included in your Medicare Coverage.

Step 6. Select the best Advantage coverage Company/Policy that fits your personal needs.

If you already have Medicare Advantage (MA) call Lakeside Medical Group to be sure they accept that Company/Policy for full group health coverage while in Mexico. Lakeside Medical Group accepts most Advantage Plans.

TOLL FREE WHILE IN US: 1 (888) 449-7799

Once confirmed with Lakeside Medical Group, register With Lakeside Medical either over the phone or using their website at


We accept many Medicare Supplement Plans. These are different than Advantage Plans. Medicare Supplement Plans C, D, F, G, M and N are accepted by Lakeside Medical Group

  • Lakeside Medical Group accepts the Medicare Foreign Travel Benefit which is automatically included in Medicare Supplement Plans C, D, F, G, M and N
  • Supplement Plan is either C, D, F, G, M and N. These plans include the Medicare Foreign Travel Benefit
  • Foreign Travel  Emergency Coverage Benefit has a lifetime maximum of $50000.00 USD. 
  • The care rendered must be of an urgent care or emergency nature
  • The emergency must be within 60 days or your trip

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