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Enrique Mock, MD

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  • Specialty: Radiologist
  • Hours: 11:00AM - 8:30PM
  • Location: Mazatlan

Dr. Mock is a Board Certified Radiologist

He has done much of his training in Radiology and Imaging at Mocel Hospital in Mexico City. He completed a Radiology Fellowship specializing in MRIs at Hospital Angeles de Pedregal. Dr. Mock has also worked as a radiologist for the National Cancer Institute in Mexico. He completed a Fellowship a Hospital Angeles de Pedregal and has also sever as the Director of Radiology at large hospitals in Mexico. Dr. Mock founded Resomaz in 2000 and he successfully brought the first MRI system to Mazatlan and Southern Sinaloa, Mexico. Rezomaz provides tele-radiology services in partnership with Lakeside Medical Group thanks to a recently acquired state of the art tele-radiology system.

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