Lakeside Medical Group - Use Your Existing Health Insurance in Mexico

Lakeside Medical Group (LMG), provides coverage for your medical needs while travelling or living in Mexico. With our medical group of primary care physicians and extensive network of Hospitals, Board Certified Specialists, Primary Care Physicians (PCP), lab and diagnostic centers and pharmacies we offer comprehensive managed medical care using your current and existing policy benefits from your United States medical insurance policy. Our network of physicians and hospitals adhere to the stringent AMA (American Medical Association) guidelines and protocols. 

We handle all the billing between providers and insurance agencies directly, with a $100 peso copayment the only cost to you. There are no membership fees or additional insurance premium payments.

We own and operate our own facilities in Mexico, as well as provide our team of independent specialists, hospitals, laboratories, diagnostic centers, out-patient facilities and pharmacies in Ajijic-Chapala-Guadalajara, Puerto Vallarta, Bucerias, Sayulita, Mazatlan, Cabo San Lucas, San Jose del Cabo, Merida, Tulum, Chetumal and Yucatan areas for our patient use.

The followiing are a few of the many American insurances we accept: Aetna, AARP Medicare Complete and Supplement Plans, Anthem, Best Doctors, Blue Cross/Blue Shield, CAA Travel Insurance , Care First/Care Plus Plans, ChampVA, ChoiceCare, CIGNA, CMN Global, Compass Rose Health Plan, Coventry, Delta Health System, Florida Blue, Foreign Medical Program, Foreign Service Benefit Plan, GEHA, GHI-EMPIRE, Harvard Pilgrim Health Net, Health, Humana Plans, Kaiser Permanente, Kelsey Care Advantage, Medicare Advantage Plans, Medicare Supplement Plans, Medipac, Molina Plans Multiplan, Mutual of Omaha, Optimum Health Plans, Pacific Blue Cross, Pacific Source, Peoples Health, Pilgrim Health, Premera Blue Cross, Providence Health Plan, Regence Blue Shield, Rocky Mountain Health Plan, Santa Clara Family Health, Scan Health Plan, Select Health, Senior Care Plus, Smart Benefit Solution, Sun Life Financial Horizon, IMG, Mail Handlers, VA, TRICARE, United Health Care, USAA Life/Health Insurance, Vantage, Veterans Administration Health (VA), Village Health Health Plans, Washington State Premera Blue Cross, WellCare, WellMark, WellPoint, WPS, WSR and many others.


Frequently Asked Questions


How much does this cost?

There are NO costs to join Lakeside Medical Group. Registration and Membership are FREE. There are NO hidden costs.

As a member you would have access to our entire hospital and doctor network in Mexico including your area. Patient members of our medical group are not responsible for deductibles or co-insurance.


What are the benefits of joining?

As a patient member of Lakeside Medical Group you will enjoy NO DEDUCTIBLES and NO CO-INSURANCE when using your existing US or Canadian insurance in  our network of hospitals and medical providers.

Most hospitals, doctors, labs, diagnostic centers and pharmacies in Mexico do not accept American insurance plans and those ones that do often require you to pay up front or pay a large deposit. They may also charge you the deductible and Co-Insurance.

As a member you would have access to our entire hospital and doctor network in Mexico including your area. Patient members of our medical group are not responsible for deductibles or co-insurance.

Our patient members do NOT pay deductibles and co-insurance. Usually the maximum responsibility for you is a $100 peso copay.

Additionally our Managed Care model allows you to recieve coordinated and continuity of care with Board Certified physicians all covered by your existing insurance. 

Am I responsible for Deductibles and CO-Insurance?

No, you are not responsible for deductibles and co-insurance. Patients join some medical groups in order to enjoy many things like managed care, highly subsidized deductibles and highly subsidized co-insurance. Our patient members do NOT pay deductibles and co-insurance. Usually the maximum responsibility for you is a $100 peso copay.

How do we work?

Lakeside Medical Group operates in a Managed Care environment system very similar to how an HMO works in the USA: your primary care physician works directly with you, the specialists and providers as needed to manage your medical care. And we do this through your existing insurance company. You do not have to purchase a new policy or pay a membership to be part of the Lakeside Medical Group. This way we can extend coverage to the patients that join our network so you do not have to pay out of pocket.

Is my policy different outside of the USA?

Insurance Coverage often differs between policies. Some insurers in the USA offer the same international benefits for their insured members. And some insurers are different, like Medicare Advantage plans. Please check with us for any specific information regarding your policy

What types of coverage are available with my USA insurance plan?

Outside of the USA your insurance plan may offer you the following  benefits:

  • Emergency/Urgent Care and NON-emergency
  • Emergency/Urgent Care only
  • Certain VA (Veterans Administration) programs offer specific coverage.

Please contact us for more information about your policy

Do you accept Medicare?

Standard Medicare A and B can not be used outside of the USA. If you only have Standard A and B there is absolutely no applicable coverage for you in any way in Mexico. We do not accept Standard Medicare A and B.

We accept Medicare Advantage and Supplement Plans

If you have a Medicare Advantage Plan (also called a C Plan or Replacement Plan) then we likely can accept your plan and offer coverage. We accept most every Medicare Advantage Plan. Some examples are AARP-United Health Care, Aetna Advantage, Cigna, Blue Cross Medicare Advantage, Humana, Senior Care Plus and many others. We accept almost every one. You can see a more complete list on our site.

If you have a Medicare Supplement Plan with the letters  F, G, L, M or N we accept those forcoverage as well. These plans offer the Medicare Foreign Travel Benefits. We accept these plans.

Your benefits and coverage with us are based on the policy benefits of your existing US or Canadian medical insurance or health plan. Coverage with us does not replace or change any of your current benefits

What happens if I goto a provider not participating in our network?

The participating providers in our network including the hospitals have made an agreement to work with Lakeside Medical Group and provide care for you. In general if you choose to go out of our network you would be fully responsible for payment to the provider or hospital.

How can I add my doctor to your network?

Please send us your doctors contact info and we will invite your physician to join our network. Each physician is carefully screened to make sure he/she meets our standards of excellence as well as the required physician licensing and registration.

What is the difference between a CO-Pay and CO-Insurance?

A co-pay is a set fee per event. Like $100 pesos per visit. CO-Insurance is a percentage of billed charges, usually around 20%. Our patient members are NOT responsible for CO-Insurance


Do we sell insurance?

No. Lakeside does not sell or offer any insurance plans whatsoever