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  • A guide to Healthcare Insurance for Expats in Mexico

    Moving to Mexico for a short period of time or already living there as an expat? Here’s a guide to the Mexican healthcare system & insurance for expats.

    Mexico is known for an impressive & efficient healthcare system, consisting of various public & private healthcare schemes. Also, the healthcare in Mexico is very much affordable as compared to the other countries, which makes it a best destination for medical tourism.

    An expat in Mexico can go for any of these types of healthcare insurance in Mexico, i.e., public, private, or a combination of both.

  • Expats - Get benefited with affordable healthcare services in Mexico

    Mexican Medicare is the most inexpensive & excellent & the one you can rely on in case of any emergencies.

    If you are planning to visit a new country for a short period, or permanently settling down, the first and biggest concern that arises is healthcare. But, in case you are moving to Mexico, you need not worry about it. Visit any city in Mexico & you will find at least one first-rate hospital. 

    And another plus point is that it is highly affordable, generally half or less than half of the USA. The same is the case with the prescription drugs that are manufactured in the USA. They are on average 30% to 60% less costly than the drugs that are manufactured in the USA.

  • Heading for Thanks Giving holidays - Register with Lakeside Medical Group for Healthcare Emergency

    Planning to spend your Thanks Giving holiday in Mexico? Make sure you are well-prepared for medical emergencies during your stay. Unexpected injury or illness can come unannounced so it is always better to have a plan in advance. It will not only help you minimise financial costs but also save you from emotional trauma. 

    If you don’t want to land up in an ill-equipped clinic or hospital in Mexico and get treated by inexperienced doctors, then here are a few factors to consider to be better prepared for medical emergencies in Mexico:

    • Make sure you have all the necessary personal and medical information with you during your travel. This will assist the doctors in giving you the best possible treatment.