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  • A Roadmap for HMO Services in Mexico

    HMO services or health maintenance organization services in Mexico are quite popular due to their simplicity and cost-effectiveness. When compared to other types of plans, you will realize that an HMO plan is relatively less expensive. Typically, the primary care physician or your personal doctor coordinates everything to ensure that your health, as well as healthcare cost, is managed effectively. You get access to all those care providers who are within the HMO provider network ensuring that the fees you pay are minimal.

    Should you opt for HMO plans?

    HMO plans are pretty personalized taking into account your health history, medications, and the future course of treatment. The primary care doctor or PCP partners with you on the road to wellness though you can have different PCPs for different members of the family. And that's not all; you can change your PCP whenever you want as long as you are not hospitalized or in the second or third trimester of pregnancy.

  • A Sneak Peek into the Private Healthcare System in Mexico

    Your stay in Mexico can be a treasure cove of experiences. You will love its vibe and be happy that you came here be it for business or pleasure. But if you are planning to move to Mexico and live there as an expat, then there’s a lot you should know. After all, life comes with its own set of surprises. You need to be prepared for all of them, especially the bad ones that may come in the form of a health emergency. 

    The healthcare landscape

    Those who are used to 'free at point of delivery' healthcare in their country, need to understand that Mexico does not have reciprocal agreements with any other country nor does it support health services and treatments covered under the US-sponsored Medicare System. Typically, employers offer insurance as part of your remuneration. Many choose to be covered under the IMSS (Instituto Mexicano del Seguro Social) program - a popular, publicly funded insurance program devised for working people in Mexico. Also available is the Instituto Nacional de Salud para el Bienestar (INSABI) which is also a public program that is free and relatively less complicated. Expats who want extensive coverage and greater customization in health insurance plans however choose to go for private health insurance. 

  • Health Insurance Coverage for Expats in Mexico

    Are you moving away from home for work? If the answer is yes, then make sure that your healthcare needs are covered. Many people move to Mexico every year. They either relocate for employment, to retire, to study or just as a lifestyle choice. Irrespective of the reason, it is important to find the right solution for end-to-end healthcare management during your stay. You need to find expat-friendly medical coverage that is comprehensive.

    Since every country has an entirely different health system compared to an expat’s home country, it is necessary to understand Mexico’s health system and plan in advance. Most expats choose to receive medical care in private hospitals in Mexico. Even though it is expensive, private clinics or hospitals offer high quality care. They are well-equipped with English-speaking staff and doctors. 

    Why expats opt for international medical insurance?

    Having an international medical insurance helps expats cover healthcare costs that they may accrue while living abroad. Medical costs can be very high in a new country, especially if one is suffering from a severe health condition. 

    With the international insurance, they get to avail quality care during medical emergencies. Such plans are beneficial but expats will have to spend money on buying an international plan. 

  • Lakeside Medical Group Bridges the Gap between You and Healthcare While in Mexico

    It’s no secret that healthcare is expensive. Despite the fact that everybody needs it at some point in time, it continues to break budgets causing a huge financial drain that’s often hard to fix. Especially when you relocate to Mexico, you will realize that finding the kind of health cover you need that too at competitive prices can be quite a task. 

    Firstly, most people speak Spanish there. Secondly, despite the national health insurance available to Mexicans, there is a great demand for private health insurance. The options are aplenty but each one will come with its own criteria that may not apply to you. Besides, you may not want to discontinue your existing American insurance if you are not sure about the length of your stay in Mexico. 

    An easier solution to all your problems is signing up for Lakeside Medical Group services. It’s your best bet while in Mexico and the gateway to unhindered healthcare facilities.

  • Making the best use of your existing US insurance in Mexico

    Lakeside Medical Group provides an extensive healthcare service to expats who live in Mexico or those who make a short or business travel to Mexico. We are equal to a managed HMO, and we take up over 350 plus U.S medical plans. There are many benefits we offer to expats for which we expect you to read through the entire blog and acquire every inch of details about your insurance acceptance. 

    There is no need for expats to pay any joining fee, and the membership and registration are also offered for free of cost. Mainly, there are no hidden fees, so you can happily register your insurance details with our Lakeside Medical Group. We offer coverage for a wide range of your medical needs if you are living or travelling in Mexico. Once becoming our registered member, you will not pay additionally any amount to Co-insurance or Deductibles. 

  • Register with Lakeside Medical Group and get access to the best hospitals in Mexico

    Those living in Mexico as an expat would know how exciting life can be. Mexico is an eclectic mix of the new and the old, and for many, life here is nothing short of an adventure. Of course, there are the usual rules and protocols, but the cost of living is fairly affordable especially if you compare it to the USA. If you are here for the long haul, you need to factor in the healthcare cost too.

    A brief overview

    Well, what you need to understand is that the public health service here does not have reciprocal agreements with other countries nor does it allow you to use your existing US Medicare. So if there is an accident or a medical emergency, you should be willing to pay out-of-pocket. It's no secret that medical expenses can burn a hole in your pocket. You should know the options available to you before you decide to move to Mexico. If you are traveling to Mexico only for a short visit, you must still check the fine print of your current healthcare plan to ensure that you are indeed covered in Mexico. 

  • The Expat's Guide for Better Healthcare Services in Mexico

    Mexico is popular among tourists and expats alike for a multitude of reasons. It's safe to live in and pretty affordable too. Its level of care and professionalism is unmatched making it extremely dependable for healthcare too. It's quite the healthcare hub you would want in case of medical emergencies. Healthcare is an important consideration now and virtually everyone has some kind of health insurance to keep them afloat if sickness strikes. It ensures that you get all that you need from regular care to critical care services in a jiffy. If you are planning to move to Mexico, here's what you must know about its healthcare services.

    Private health insurance

    Those willing to pay a monthly premium can choose from one of the many insurance companies for the myriad plans they offer. These companies will not only cover your medical fees but ensure quick hospitalization, affordable check-ups and follow-ups, and the best specialty care. You can search for plans that best meet your needs in terms of medical history, age, budget, and potential needs. These plans are approved by all medical practitioners and healthcare providers and keep you covered at all times.

  • Tips to Use Medicare Benefits in Mexico with Lakeside Medical Group

    Mexico with its languid pace and rich culture is an instant hit among tourists and expats alike. But being in Mexico is all fun and jazz only until you don’t fall sick. Not that it lacks a proper healthcare system. Not at all! But given its inflexibility to entertain health insurance plans of other countries often pose a problem. The cost of healthcare is spiralling at a phenomenal pace and a major illness can leave you absolutely drained financially. Luckily, you have Lakeside Medical Group to depend on while in Mexico. 

    Why Lakeside Medical Group?

    So first things first; what does Lakeside Medical Group do? Why would you want to consider it when you have a robust American healthcare plan to fall back on? Well if you haven’t yet figured out already, most medical practitioners and healthcare facilities in Mexico do not accept American or Canadian health insurance policies. Often, this implies buying a suitable insurance plan in Mexico to cover you against all types of illnesses and health complexities. While Mexico does have public health insurance programs such as the IMSS, you may not be eligible for them as an expat. Besides, there will be other limitations that may prohibit you from seeking the exact kind of health cover you need for yourself and your family. 

  • Understanding Why Expats in Mazatlan, Puerto Vallarta, and Mexico City Choose Lakeside Medical Group

    Living in Mexico can be fun irrespective of whether you are in the scenic resort town Puerto Vallarta or in Mazatlan, Mexico's closest mainland resort city to America. The vibrant Mexico City is a huge draw for its natural vistas and relatively affordable lifestyle. Despite its proximity, Mexico is not too accommodating when it comes to allowing American and Canadian health insurance plans. 

    Typically, those living in cities in Mexico often rely on state-sponsored healthcare insurance plans. These are usually available to those who are employed and contribute towards these plans regularly through their monthly income. But then, these come with their own eligibility criteria which may or not be applicable in your case.  No matter where you come from, living in Mexico without a suitable health insurance plan is not advisable.

  • Why Shop for Health Insurance in Mexico When You Have Lakeside Medical Group?

    It’s not possible to breathe easy without health insurance. When illness strikes, it’s the only thing that can keep you afloat amidst the appalling medical bills. The on-going pandemic is a classic example of how suddenly things can change and how prepared one must be to deal with health emergencies. If you are moving to Mexico or visiting a Mexican city for business, you may want to be covered. The good part about Mexico is it takes its medical infrastructure very seriously. 

    It is replete with some of the finest hospitals and medical care facilities that are in line with international standards. All you need to do is research a bit and figure out what works best for you.