Lakeside Medical Group

Canadian Health Care Plans OHIP and MSP in Mexico

OHIP and MSP health care benefits are available only in our Chapala-Ajijic facility.

Due to the limited nature of Canadian coverage outside of Canada most Canadian expats choose to have secondary insurance. Lakeside Medical Group accepts most Canadian secondary policies. 


  • Our facility receives payments directly from the Ontario Province as well as BC.
  • There is no out-of-pocket expenses for you. No reimbursements to deal with.
  • Our Canadian patients are all registered with Lakeside Medical Group and once we have your valid information on file we can see you on an outpatient basis at no cost to you.

We bill OHIP and MSP BC directly

There are certain requirements that need to be met in order for us to accept your OHIP or MSP-BC plan.

1) The treatment must be medically necessary

2) The treatment must be performed at an eligible licensed health facility

3) The treatment must be given in relation to an illness, injury, disease or condition which:

*) is acute and unexpected

*) began while you were outside of Canada

*) and requires immediate treatment

Some examples would be gastro-intestinal infection, falls and injuries. Accidents, illnesses, etc.

Our clinic is an eligible licensed facility complying with OHIP and MSP requirements.

Each province has unique residency requirements and your coverage may depend on your amount of time out of Canada.

We have the forms available at our clinic to streamline your care.
Register here or call us at 766-0395 if you have any questions.