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The finest in managed health care in Mexico. Use your US and Canada insurance in Mexico

Planning a holiday to Mexico? When you are in a different country on a vacation, the last thing you want to think of is a medical emergency. But unfortunately, emergencies come unannounced, so it is better to be prepared. 

It is very important to have a plan for what you will do if you face a medical emergency when holidaying in Mexico. Here are a few things that you must know in order to be better prepared:

  • Most hospitals in Mexico ask for payments up-front. If you are visiting a hospital for urgent or emergency care, you will have to pay up-front for services rendered. 
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Are you planning to come to Mexico for a vacation? Then along with knowing the places to visit, do know what you need for healthcare because health-related problems are unpredictable. Since you will be new to the place, finding the best hospital in Mexico can be quite challenging. Lakeside Medical Group is the best Expat medical care in Mexico that offers high quality of medical services and get you covered with your existing medical insurance.

There is no need of opting for separate travel insurance if you are visiting Mexico from the USA or Canada. Why Lakeside Medical Group? We are the finest in offering managing expat health care, absolutely at no registration cost. We make registrations easy and simpler with a quick registration process. Therefore, feel happy about the time, effort, and money you will be saving with joining hands with us.

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Healthcare is one of the primary concerns of people moving outside the USA. But in a country like Mexico, you don’t have to worry about the accessibility and affordability of healthcare services. Most expats in Mexico opt for the efficient private healthcare system because it offers them better facilities and shorter wait timings.

  • Did you know, Mexico’s healthcare system has been ranked 61st in the world by the World health Organisation?
  • There are around two physicians per 1000 population and the country spend approximately 6.3% of GDP on healthcare.

Whether you are planning to retire in Mexico or you are coming here for higher studies, you can choose the private healthcare system for better and improved healthcare benefits.

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Are you an expat living in Mexico? If the answer is yes, then here are 4 important questions about Mexican healthcare system that you may need answers to:

1) Can I use our existing US or Canadian health insurance plan in Mexico?

The answer is yes. If you register with Lakeside Medical Group, you can enjoy full health coverage on your existing health plan. The group accepts more than 350 USA and Canada health policies. You can check our website for a list of plans.

If you are using your existing US plan, you don’t have to pay deductibles or co-insurance. Using your existing policy benefits, we will offer you comprehensive Managed Care. There is no need to buy a new policy or pay anything extra to access quality care in Mexico.

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Lakeside Medical Group is an exclusive provider of Managed Care for expats in Mexico. If you are an American or Canadian expat living in Mexico, then registering with Lakeside Medical Group will offer you various benefits.

Similar to a Managed Care HMO, the group accepts more than 350 American and Canadian insurance plans. This means that you can use your existing insurance plan to avail high quality healthcare during your stay.

Here are some of the benefits that you will get to enjoy as a registered member of Lakeside Medical Group:

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