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Mexico enjoys enviable popularity and a lot can be attributed to its culture, natural beauty and its lively vibe. Mexico in general has a bit of everything one looks forward to in order to lead a happy, healthy life. Every year Mexico sees a growing number of expats and tourists too. Then there are Californians, Texans, Arizonans and the like who come often to Mexico to buy prescription drugs due to easy access to the Mexican border.

Why Mexico?

So why would anyone want to go all the way to Mexico to buy prescribed drugs you may wonder. While some drugs may not be readily available locally, some cost less in Mexico than they would in the United States. Also, those that may require a prescription otherwise are sold over the counter in Mexico. Whether you are one of those who have made up their mind of buying prescription drugs in Mexico or an expat living there wanting to get medications delivered to you, there are a few things you should know.

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Finding authentic prescription medicines can be a challenging task when traveling abroad. So, if you are moving to Mexico as an expat, make sure that your medications are easily available in the country. 

Buying Medicines in Mexico - Things to Know

  • Contrary to the popular belief, pharmacies or farmacias in Mexico require prescription for almost all medications (including narcotics and antibiotics). 
  • Commonly, you will find two types of pharmacies in the country- Farmacias del Ahorro and Farmacias Similares. Del Ahorro is a nationwide chain of pharmacies whereas Similares is a chain of discount pharmacies. You can easily obtain generic substitutes for your brand medicines from both. 
  • Pharmacies are easy to find in Mexico and are generally well-stocked. If you are in a big city, you can even find a 24/7 pharmacy near you. 
  • Compared to the rates in the USA, medicines in Mexico are quite cheap. 
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Puerto Vallarta city in Mexico is a remarkably popular destination for Americans, Canadians, and other foreigners to plan a vacation trip or even relocate here and call it their new home. The main reasons why Puerto Vallarta is able to attract a lot of ex-pats, especially from US and Canada include breath-taking views of nature, pleasant climate all year round, amazing sunsets, awesome food, rich art and culture, low cost of living, high levels of safety and security, scope for business, and of course top quality medical care facilities.

Puerto Vallarta is a famous city in Mexico known to provide cost-effective, high quality medical, and dental care services. Healthcare services in Puerto Vallarta are reasonably priced in comparison to what it is in America and Canada.

Are you an ex-pat living in Puerto Vallarta? Are you looking to settle in Puerto Vallarta? Lakeside Medical Group (LMG) is here to take care of all your medical and healthcare needs.

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Exorbitant shipping fees, high drug costs and custom delays are some of the challenges that expats experience when obtaining necessary medications abroad. Due to these factors, they end up getting non-compliant with their prescribed medication regimen. This also puts them at the risk of poor health and increased medical costs. So, if you are moving to Mexico as an expat, then make sure you have easy access to medications. 

Factors to Consider when Obtaining Medicines Abroad

You need to remember that pharmaceutical regulations vary from one country to another. While some countries have limited availability of certain drugs, some prohibit the import of certain medicines. For instance, in the US, you cannot legally mail prescription drugs anywhere whereas in Mexico, you can get prescription drugs easily.  

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Healthcare in Mexico has often been a matter of great concern for expats. The extent of coverage and cost are important factors to consider. The best thing about Mexico healthcare is that it is affordable and of a reasonably high standard. So much so that quite a few citizens from the United States, often turn to Mexico for affordable treatment plans. 

Mexico offers healthcare both under public and private healthcare programs. While public healthcare is good and efficient, it is the private healthcare system that's deemed more effective and efficient. 

Let us understand both. Especially if you are an expat living in Mexico, it is imperative that you know your choices well.

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