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Managed Care Benefits for Expats in Mexico

Managed Care Benefits for Expats in Mexico


We're all on the lookout for ways to improve health and get better insurance cover to safeguard it. For expats residing in Mexico, the choices may seem a bit restrictive. They often end up looking for better alternatives to ensure that they remain covered on a rainy day.

Especially in Mexico where the healthcare system is divided and different for different people, it is important for expats to know the managed care benefits available to them with respect to healthcare.

Let’s understand the healthcare system in Mexico first.

Healthcare for unemployed Mexicans stands at the lowest level while the top level comprises services such as the ones offered in hospitals and private clinics. Expats often tend to rely on the mid-leveli.e. Instituto Mexicano De Seguro Social (IMSS) which is available to employed citizens as well as foreigners. Participation in this program is mandatory for both employers and employees, and includes all medications and treatments for a cost per month.

The cost depends on a number of things but age is an important factor. So a retired person may have to pay anywhere between US $50-$70 per month though exclusions may apply.

Of course, as with most insurance programs, this too will have terms and conditions governing certain pre-existing medical conditions such as diabetes, heart disease, cancer etc. that may prevent you from participating in the program.Those residing only for a short time in Mexico often consider a medical evacuation insurance plan too that helps them get home safely in case a medical emergency arises.

So what about expats?

Expats who are prohibited from participating in the IMSS program for pre-existing medical conditions or due to some kind of a financial constraint, can take respite from Seguro Popular. A program recognized across Mexico, it is a family program that covers free medications for the entire family in the range of $0-$500.

Private medical insurance is also something you may want to consider. It is readily available and as is the norm, age, health, and medical history will determine the cost as well as coverage.

If you are one of those who already have a good insurance policy and are not aware of ways of using it in Mexico, you can still get substantial benefits. Surprised? Well, all you need to do is sign up with Lakeside Medical Group, complete the registration formalities at no extra cost and avail of excellent healthcare in clinics, diagnostic centers and hospitals where your insurance benefits are accepted.

Lakeside Medical Group offers managed care to expats through its independent contracted hospitals, laboratories, diagnostics centers, pharmacies, and out-patient facilities. You can rely on us for more than 350 different American and Canadian health insurance plans at no additional cost. We do not charge deductibles or co-insurance nor do we allow any delay in you getting the coverage.

While some insurers allow the same benefits for all their insured members even in Mexico, others may offer a different coverage.

To know what you are eligible for and have your insurance with you at all times, call us today or visit our website for more information.