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Healthcare Costs for US Expats in Mexico

Healthcare Costs for US Expats in Mexico


Lakeside Medical Group - Providing Top-notch Medical Healthcare for US expats in Mexico at affordable prices

The fascinating natural attractions, beautiful pristine beaches, pleasant climate throughout the year, and low cost of living are some of the reasons why Mexico is a preferred destination for tourists and expats from across the globe, especially from the USA. Mexico is quite an affordable and relaxing country to live in compared to some of the other neighbouring countries.

Are you a US resident planning a short vacation or an extended stay in Mexico? Are you looking to settle permanently in Mexico? If you are planning something like this, then one of the first questions that comes to mind is the healthcare system. Well, the healthcare in Mexico is quite advanced and at the same time affordable too. The cost of healthcare services in Mexico is nearly half or even less than half compared to the USA.

Lakeside Medical Group (LMG) is an exclusive name in Mexico when it comes to providing comprehensive medical care for Americans living part time or full time in the country. At LMG, we believe in providing the highest quality care for our patients and their family. We are here to help all expats during any medical emergencies in Mexico. If you have an existing insurance in the US, we've got you covered.

We own and operate our own medical facilities in Mexico. We have onboard highly skilled and experienced doctors, physicians, nurses. We also have hospitals, diagnostic centres, laboratories, outpatient facilities, and pharmacies as well. Our aim is to provide quality healthcare services to the US expats in Mexico. From primary care to super speciality services, we do it all.

What's more, you can use your existing US insurance without any deductibles or coinsurance. This means you can access Mexican healthcare with your US Insurance plan. Isn't this great? Further, our medical care services are covered by 350+ insurance companies in the US. In order to avail these benefits all you need to do is register with us, that too absolutely free.

LMG is a nationwide family consisting of several practitioners and medical staff working together tirelessly to help people live healthy lives.

Why choose Lakeside Medical Group?

  • Easy access to healthcare services
  • Personalized and compassionate care for all patients
  • High class facilities at cost effective prices
  • Hassle free registration and membership
  • No hidden fees or charges
  • Complete protection from medical expenses during emergencies
  • Prescribed medicines at discounted rates
  • No subscription/registration charges
  • No charging of deductibles or coinsurance
  • Patient friendly healthcare services
  • No out-of-pocket costs - direct billing to the insurance company

The driving force behind Lakeside Medical Group is providing the highest level of commitment to all our patients. We continuously strive towards improving the patient experience by providing health services of the highest quality at reasonable prices. For us, patients come first before anyone else. Our HMO services include managed patient care, urgent care, emergency hospital care, preventive medicine, chronic disease care and control, emergency hospitalization, prescription drugs, and more.

Looking to migrate to Mexico from the US? Don't need to worry about your healthcare costs. Safeguard your health by registering with Lakeside Medical Group and let us take care of your healthcare needs.