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Healthcare benefits for expats in Mexico

Healthcare benefits for expats in Mexico


A country rich in fascinating attractions and beaches, the United Mexican States offers much more than just alluring visual sites. The Mexican lifestyle is a perfect combination of delicious food, friendly communities, affordable prices, and the best climate. This makes it a favorite spot for expats and retirees who want to spend their days living a calm and quality life.

That’s not it, Mexico even has an excellent healthcare system that costs 25-30% less than the U.S. healthcare system!

Many Americans travel round the year to Mexico for medical treatments and to purchase pharmaceuticals at a lower price. Besides medical trips, expatriates visit Mexico for employment, business trips, or just on vacations.

The healthcare system in Mexico comprises three levels. The lowest level of healthcare is for unemployed Mexicans. The second level is Instituto Mexicano De Seguro Social (IMSS) which is for employed citizens and foreigners, and a mandatory contribution from employer and employee. The top-level of healthcare consists of services from private clinics and hospitals.

If you are an expat with a temporary or permanent residency, then you can apply for the IMSS program under the voluntary participation process. The entire program currently costs $40 per month and includes medications and all treatments at no cost. However, certain pre-existing medical conditions like heart diseases, diabetes, cancer, etc., can prohibit you from participating. 

For those expats (with temporary and permanent resident ship) who are not able to participate in  IMSS due to financial limitations or pre-existing medical conditions, are welcome to register themselves in Seguro Popular. This program is completely separate from IMSS and has its own participating hospitals and clinics all over Mexico. Being a family program it costs between $0 - $500 annually per family and covers free medications.  

Now, what about those with no residency?

Well, you can always purchase an International Health Insurance cover or a private medical insurance policy. In many cases you can also use your existing insurance policy (of your native country) if the respective healthcare facility accepts foreign insurance cover. Other than this, paying out of your pocket is also an option as far as you are okay with bearing your medical expenses.

As simple it may sound, the healthcare system can be more complex. So, are you flooding with queries related to healthcare facilities in Mexico?

If yes, then Lakeside Medical Group is here round the clock to resolve them.

Lakeside Medical Group accepts over 350 different American and Canadian health insurance plans. We do not charge deductibles or Co-Insurance. Registration and membership are free. There are no hidden costs. Lakeside Medical Group owns and operates its own facilities in Mexico along with its independent contracted hospitals, laboratories, specialists, diagnostic centers, out-patient facilities and pharmacies in.

Contact us now and get the answers you seek without any delay.

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