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Expats in Mexico- Save Money & Time for Your Monthly Pharmacy Requirements

Expats in Mexico- Save Money & Time for Your Monthly Pharmacy Requirements


Exorbitant shipping fees, high drug costs and custom delays are some of the challenges that expats experience when obtaining necessary medications abroad. Due to these factors, they end up getting non-compliant with their prescribed medication regimen. This also puts them at the risk of poor health and increased medical costs. So, if you are moving to Mexico as an expat, then make sure you have easy access to medications. 

Factors to Consider when Obtaining Medicines Abroad

You need to remember that pharmaceutical regulations vary from one country to another. While some countries have limited availability of certain drugs, some prohibit the import of certain medicines. For instance, in the US, you cannot legally mail prescription drugs anywhere whereas in Mexico, you can get prescription drugs easily.  

As per an estimation by the US government, around 1 million people in California visit Mexico annually for their healthcare needs and also to buy prescription drugs. Lower cost of drugs was cited as one of the main reasons.  

  • When you move to Mexico, make sure you connect with the local healthcare system as soon as possible. Speak to your doctor and get local pharmacy recommendations. 
  • Choose a well-established pharmacy if you wish to obtain high-quality medicines. 
  • Register with a private health insurance carrier like Lakeside Medical Group to get easy access to healthcare facilities and prescription drugs. 

Save Time and Money on Medicines with Lakeside Medical Group

When expats register with Lakeside Medical Group, their end-to-end healthcare needs are taken care of by the company. Not just access to good doctors and hospitals but Lakeside Medical also handles prescription medicine requirements of expat members. 

The company has an in-house pharmacy that takes care of the monthly or even one-time medicine needs of the expats. As a registered member of Lakeside Medical, you don’t have to worry about the availability of your prescription medicines. Just call or email them the list and they will get it home delivered to you. Lakeside Medical Group charges nothing for offering this service to the members. Your medications will get billed directly to your insurance company. 

This service will save your time because you don’t have to go around the city finding the prescription medicines. It will save you money because you will get authentic medications at low rates. 

Why Lakeside Medical?

When moving to a new country, it is very important to ensure that you and your family’s health will be taken care of. Since determining the best source for authentic drugs can be challenging, many expats moving to Mexico choose to register with Lakeside Medical Group. 

The company accepts more than 350 American as well as Canadian health insurance plans. They don’t charge deductibles, co-insurance or any additional charges for insurance premium and offer accessibility of the best private clinics, hospitals and doctors in Mexico to its members.