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Effective Healthcare System for Expats in Mexico

Effective Healthcare System for Expats in Mexico


Healthcare in Mexico has often been a matter of great concern for expats. The extent of coverage and cost are important factors to consider. The best thing about Mexico healthcare is that it is affordable and of a reasonably high standard. So much so that quite a few citizens from the United States, often turn to Mexico for affordable treatment plans. 

Mexico offers healthcare both under public and private healthcare programs. While public healthcare is good and efficient, it is the private healthcare system that's deemed more effective and efficient. 

Let us understand both. Especially if you are an expat living in Mexico, it is imperative that you know your choices well.

Public healthcare

Subsidised by the Mexican government through the Secretariat of Health, the public healthcare offers assistance to both citizens and expats. 

It works well for retired expats too who are offered state-subsidised health cover. A program called INSABI offers decent cover to unemployed citizens while citizens as well as foreigners working in Mexico are entitled to receive treatment under Instituto Mexicano de Seguro Social (IMSS) - a public programmed funded by employers, employees and the federal government. Similarly, those formally employed by the Government are eligible for a healthcare program 'the Instituto de Seguridad y Servicios Sociales de los Trabajadores del Estado (ISSSTE)". 

While the options are quite a few, you need to remember that not all hospitals and clinics are good. The quality of healthcare under the public healthcare programs will vary depending on the hospital you choose. This brings us to evaluating the options available under private healthcare. 

Private healthcare

Expats are often enticed by the options available under private healthcare in the country. The procedures are specialized, treatment is exceptional and more importantly, doctors are usually fluent in English. Besides, senior citizen expats are usually eligible for discounts on their coverage though some hospitals may be too reluctant to approve international health insurance and may require the patient to pay for their own expenses. 

Often, such people have to rely on the hospital to provide the necessary paperwork to sort the matter on their own with their chosen insurance company. Besides, the insurance cover they have may not protect them against medical treatment and possible repatriation.

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