Why is the Lakeside Medical Group a favorite for Expats in Mexico?


If you get registered with the Lakeside Medical Group, then urgent and emergency care will be added to most of the plans. Laboratory diagnostics, physical rehabilitative medicine, specialist visit, minor acute care and common medical procedures come under this title, just to give you the glimpse of the entire promise given by the group.

One more benefit is also given to expats i.e. prescription drug benefit. Lakeside Medical Group also has pharmacies where you can get the benefit of your insurance policy without actually emptying your pockets. Firstly, check your medication cover in the policy. If not covered, then look for the plan that has all the important facilities scribbled under the policy.

Another reason for you to be a registered patient with us is that we also cover emergency hospitalization irrespective of any particularity. Throughout Mexico, treatment in any hospital of our network will be covered under the policy.

Another upside of choosing Lakeside Medical Group is that it has every type of insurance plan, whether major or minor, and it is visible on its list. And if by chance you, expats, can't find your insurance plan on the list, then contact them. They will happily place your insurance plan in the list. More insurance partners are added to their group. So that no expat be left outside of taking the advantage of this service. 

We at Lakeside Medical Group accept 350+ US & Canada insurances & offers free registration. If you still have any more queries, visit our frequently asked questions here https://www.lakemedicalgroup.com/faq . Registering with us is completely free of cost & it comes with a lot of benefits for Expats. 

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