Traveling to Mexico in 2021 - Make the Best of Your Travel with Free Registration with Lakeside Medical Group - Lakeside Medical Group

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Traveling to Mexico in 2021 - Make the Best of Your Travel with Free Registration with Lakeside Medical Group

Traveling to Mexico in 2021 - Make the Best of Your Travel with Free Registration with Lakeside Medical Group


Mexico is a beautiful country replete with natural vistas, rich culture, and great food. No wonder, it’s a popular destination among tourists who visit it often to get a slice of the Mexican life. But while planning for the perfect vacay, they often tend to overlook an important aspect which is healthcare. Holidays are fun and tourists usually are too preoccupied with packing and stuff to think of health emergencies that may arise during their holiday in Mexico no matter how short it is. The fact that the Mexican healthcare system does not entertain insurance purchased in other countries makes it even more difficult. Thankfully, there is Lakeside Medical Group in Mexico to take care of all your healthcare requirements. 

Registering for their service

Lakeside Medical Group is well known among expats and travelers for the incredible services they offer. They do not require you to purchase a new insurance plan in Mexico. They don't need you to do that because they allow over 350 American and Canadian insurance plans under their network. All they ask of you is just a few seconds to enroll with them for free. Once you become a registered member, you can rest assured of confidentiality as well as all the benefits and coverage as agreed upon with your insurance company. A HIPAA-compliant system, it asks for very basic information through an online registration form along with digital copies of your insurance ID and government ID. Once the registration process is complete, you can expect a call from them at a pre-agreed time.

The Lakeside Medical Group advantage

Once you are registered, you are entitled to critical care, emergency care, geriatric care, specialty services, and diagnostic services for end-to-end care in Mexico. An in-house pharmacy also ensures you never run out of anything you need. With no deductibles and co-insurance, you get to enjoy a full range of healthcare services while in Mexico with Lakeside Medical Group. 

Its network of hospitals and healthcare facilities is extensive. So no matter what health issues you experience, you can count on Lakeside Medical Group for the best in healthcare. A big advantage of using their services is the fact that most doctors speak English. So you don't have to struggle in a foreign country when communication is the last thing on your mind. If something happens, they will get you checked by their primary care physician right in their facility. The physician may later choose to refer you to a particular clinic or doctor. 


It’s not easy to survive in Mexico without health insurance. Don’t let health issues put a damper on your holiday spirit. Make sure that you enjoy 24X7 coverage due to unhindered assistance from Lakeside Medical Group. Visit to know everything you need about the Mexican health insurance system and why you need Lakeside Medical Group by your side during your travel to Mexico. Remember, the registration is free, but the services are priceless!