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Tips to Use Medicare Benefits in Mexico with Lakeside Medical Group

Tips to Use Medicare Benefits in Mexico with Lakeside Medical Group

Mexico with its languid pace and rich culture is an instant hit among tourists and expats alike. But being in Mexico is all fun and jazz only until you don’t fall sick. Not that it lacks a proper healthcare system. Not at all! But given its inflexibility to entertain health insurance plans of other countries often pose a problem. The cost of healthcare is spiralling at a phenomenal pace and a major illness can leave you absolutely drained financially. Luckily, you have Lakeside Medical Group to depend on while in Mexico. 

Why Lakeside Medical Group?

So first things first; what does Lakeside Medical Group do? Why would you want to consider it when you have a robust American healthcare plan to fall back on? Well if you haven’t yet figured out already, most medical practitioners and healthcare facilities in Mexico do not accept American or Canadian health insurance policies. Often, this implies buying a suitable insurance plan in Mexico to cover you against all types of illnesses and health complexities. While Mexico does have public health insurance programs such as the IMSS, you may not be eligible for them as an expat. Besides, there will be other limitations that may prohibit you from seeking the exact kind of health cover you need for yourself and your family. 

It’s absolutely free

Lakeside Medical Group on the other hand commits itself to help expats like you get the best healthcare in Mexico while staying covered under your existing health insurance plan. All it asks you to do is sign up and subscribe to their services. A simple registration form online needs to be filled to become a member. The best part is that membership is absolutely free. So you do not have to worry about paying co-insurance, deductibles, hefty premiums, or any related costs to Lakeside Medical Group while using your own insurance plan in Mexico. When a medical emergency strikes, you can rely on the finest in medical care in Mexico

Extensive network

Lakeside Medical Group works with the best healthcare specialists, laboratories, pharmacies, diagnostic centers, out-patient facilities, and emergency rooms across all prominent cities. Through its extensive network, it accepts 350 American and Canadian insurance plans and allows you free access to the entire network of doctors, specialists, and facilities. Once a member, you can be assured of coordinated and continued care within Mexico under your existing insurance plan.

Help is just a click away

Although Lakeside does not sell any insurance plans on its own, its association with the best in healthcare allows you to access every service you need once you register. The registration process is simple and you can visit to sign up and get more information about their services. Alternatively, you may call up their toll free numbers to get all the information you need to start living a healthy life in Mexico. For you or your loved ones, remember best healthcare in Mexico is now just a click away.