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The Expat's Guide for Better Healthcare Services in Mexico

The Expat's Guide for Better Healthcare Services in Mexico


Mexico is popular among tourists and expats alike for a multitude of reasons. It's safe to live in and pretty affordable too. Its level of care and professionalism is unmatched making it extremely dependable for healthcare too. It's quite the healthcare hub you would want in case of medical emergencies. Healthcare is an important consideration now and virtually everyone has some kind of health insurance to keep them afloat if sickness strikes. It ensures that you get all that you need from regular care to critical care services in a jiffy. If you are planning to move to Mexico, here's what you must know about its healthcare services.

Private health insurance

Those willing to pay a monthly premium can choose from one of the many insurance companies for the myriad plans they offer. These companies will not only cover your medical fees but ensure quick hospitalization, affordable check-ups and follow-ups, and the best specialty care. You can search for plans that best meet your needs in terms of medical history, age, budget, and potential needs. These plans are approved by all medical practitioners and healthcare providers and keep you covered at all times.

Every insurance company usually offers you a list of clinics and hospitals you can go to as per their individual network and affiliations. You may choose to opt for medical evacuation also while choosing a plan so that you are flown home in case of catastrophic illnesses, accidents, and severe injuries.

The benefits

Private health care is always available to you just when you need it no matter how small or big your health concern is. Yes, private hospitals can cost a bit more but they are more equipped and offer better access to specialized treatments and care. Private care also means a shorter waiting period and better attention. Even retirees can buy this insurance separately at competitive prices to choose a more customized insurance plan. While those living in bigger cities have better access to resources, those in smaller towns get adequate coverage too. 

Private hospitals often have English-speaking staff that can guide you every step of the way. There are quite a few insurance companies to choose from that can help you with the right insurance plan. For those wanting to continue using their existing American or Canadian plan, there’s of course Lakeside Medical Group

The ideal choice for expats

If you are an expat living in Mexico, you may choose to register with Lakeside Medical Group on their website instead of buying separate insurance during your stay in Mexico. It’s safe, reliable, and comes with zero registration charges. It doesn’t ask you to pay a premium and offers you free access to its wide network of hospitals, clinics, doctors, diagnostic centers, rehabilitation centers, and other healthcare facilities that accept more than 350 American and Canadian insurance plans. Register now to continue being covered under your existing health insurance plan and benefit from the best healthcare services in Mexico.