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The finest in managed health care in Mexico. Use your US and Canada insurance in Mexico

The beginning of a brand new year can mean different things to different people. While some may have weight loss goals, others may have career goals for the future. But if you are an expat moving to Mexico, your mind will be constantly thinking about how it's going to be in unfamiliar settings. You will be looking for accommodation, a commute, and many other things to begin your new life. But those who value a good, healthy life will be equally concerned about health insurance. After all, it is extremely important especially when you are moving to a place that's not too flexible when it comes to health insurance. No doubt, Mexico has plenty to offer to those looking for insurance, but the question is do you want to buy a new one or would you rather continue using your existing American health insurance plan while in Mexico? If you are more inclined towards the second option, you simply have to enroll for the services of Lakeside Medical Group.

The one-stop solution for all your insurance needs

That’s what Lakeside Medical Group is, a one-stop solution. It’s what countless expats are already using in Mexico and have had absolutely no trouble finding everything they need to remain healthy. The biggest advantage is that it is affiliated with some of the top insurance providers. This helps them offer assistance for over 350 American and Canadian health insurance plans without any delay. You can avail of their services by simply signing up that too at no extra cost. Without having to pay deductibles, co-insurance, or a single penny out of your pocket, you get instant access to their extensive network that includes some of the finest doctors, specialists, health equipment vendors, diagnostic centers, laboratories, clinics, hospitals, etc. No matter what your health condition is, they ensure they help you in every possible manner to put you on to the best in the medical industry. 

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It’s no secret that healthcare is expensive. Despite the fact that everybody needs it at some point in time, it continues to break budgets causing a huge financial drain that’s often hard to fix. Especially when you relocate to Mexico, you will realize that finding the kind of health cover you need that too at competitive prices can be quite a task. 

Firstly, most people speak Spanish there. Secondly, despite the national health insurance available to Mexicans, there is a great demand for private health insurance. The options are aplenty but each one will come with its own criteria that may not apply to you. Besides, you may not want to discontinue your existing American insurance if you are not sure about the length of your stay in Mexico. 

An easier solution to all your problems is signing up for Lakeside Medical Group services. It’s your best bet while in Mexico and the gateway to unhindered healthcare facilities.

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It’s not possible to breathe easy without health insurance. When illness strikes, it’s the only thing that can keep you afloat amidst the appalling medical bills. The on-going pandemic is a classic example of how suddenly things can change and how prepared one must be to deal with health emergencies. If you are moving to Mexico or visiting a Mexican city for business, you may want to be covered. The good part about Mexico is it takes its medical infrastructure very seriously. 

It is replete with some of the finest hospitals and medical care facilities that are in line with international standards. All you need to do is research a bit and figure out what works best for you.

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Living in Mexico can be fun irrespective of whether you are in the scenic resort town Puerto Vallarta or in Mazatlan, Mexico's closest mainland resort city to America. The vibrant Mexico City is a huge draw for its natural vistas and relatively affordable lifestyle. Despite its proximity, Mexico is not too accommodating when it comes to allowing American and Canadian health insurance plans. 

Typically, those living in cities in Mexico often rely on state-sponsored healthcare insurance plans. These are usually available to those who are employed and contribute towards these plans regularly through their monthly income. But then, these come with their own eligibility criteria which may or not be applicable in your case.  No matter where you come from, living in Mexico without a suitable health insurance plan is not advisable.

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Mexico is popular among tourists and expats alike for a multitude of reasons. It's safe to live in and pretty affordable too. Its level of care and professionalism is unmatched making it extremely dependable for healthcare too. It's quite the healthcare hub you would want in case of medical emergencies. Healthcare is an important consideration now and virtually everyone has some kind of health insurance to keep them afloat if sickness strikes. It ensures that you get all that you need from regular care to critical care services in a jiffy. If you are planning to move to Mexico, here's what you must know about its healthcare services.

Private health insurance

Those willing to pay a monthly premium can choose from one of the many insurance companies for the myriad plans they offer. These companies will not only cover your medical fees but ensure quick hospitalization, affordable check-ups and follow-ups, and the best specialty care. You can search for plans that best meet your needs in terms of medical history, age, budget, and potential needs. These plans are approved by all medical practitioners and healthcare providers and keep you covered at all times.

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