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The finest in managed health care in Mexico. Use your US and Canada insurance in Mexico

Exorbitant shipping fees, high drug costs and custom delays are some of the challenges that expats experience when obtaining necessary medications abroad. Due to these factors, they end up getting non-compliant with their prescribed medication regimen. This also puts them at the risk of poor health and increased medical costs. So, if you are moving to Mexico as an expat, then make sure you have easy access to medications. 

Factors to Consider when Obtaining Medicines Abroad

You need to remember that pharmaceutical regulations vary from one country to another. While some countries have limited availability of certain drugs, some prohibit the import of certain medicines. For instance, in the US, you cannot legally mail prescription drugs anywhere whereas in Mexico, you can get prescription drugs easily.  

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Healthcare in Mexico has often been a matter of great concern for expats. The extent of coverage and cost are important factors to consider. The best thing about Mexico healthcare is that it is affordable and of a reasonably high standard. So much so that quite a few citizens from the United States, often turn to Mexico for affordable treatment plans. 

Mexico offers healthcare both under public and private healthcare programs. While public healthcare is good and efficient, it is the private healthcare system that's deemed more effective and efficient. 

Let us understand both. Especially if you are an expat living in Mexico, it is imperative that you know your choices well.

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According to a survey by International Living, expats can find excellent quality healthcare in Mexico at prices as low as 50% or less compared to the United States. Quality, accessibility and affordability of healthcare are top three factors due to which expat numbers are on the rise in the country. The long U.S border also allows retirees to take advantage of the US Medicare system in Mexico. 

Almost every city in Mexico has first-rate hospital with well-trained, English speaking doctors. Common prescription drugs are also easily available in the country and most pharmacy chains have an adjacent doctor office for free medical advice. 

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Lakeside Medical Group - Providing Top-notch Medical Healthcare for US expats in Mexico at affordable prices

The fascinating natural attractions, beautiful pristine beaches, pleasant climate throughout the year, and low cost of living are some of the reasons why Mexico is a preferred destination for tourists and expats from across the globe, especially from the USA. Mexico is quite an affordable and relaxing country to live in compared to some of the other neighbouring countries.

Are you a US resident planning a short vacation or an extended stay in Mexico? Are you looking to settle permanently in Mexico? If you are planning something like this, then one of the first questions that comes to mind is the healthcare system. Well, the healthcare in Mexico is quite advanced and at the same time affordable too. The cost of healthcare services in Mexico is nearly half or even less than half compared to the USA.

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We're all on the lookout for ways to improve health and get better insurance cover to safeguard it. For expats residing in Mexico, the choices may seem a bit restrictive. They often end up looking for better alternatives to ensure that they remain covered on a rainy day.

Especially in Mexico where the healthcare system is divided and different for different people, it is important for expats to know the managed care benefits available to them with respect to healthcare.

Let’s understand the healthcare system in Mexico first.

Healthcare for unemployed Mexicans stands at the lowest level while the top level comprises services such as the ones offered in hospitals and private clinics. Expats often tend to rely on the mid-leveli.e. Instituto Mexicano De Seguro Social (IMSS) which is available to employed citizens as well as foreigners. Participation in this program is mandatory for both employers and employees, and includes all medications and treatments for a cost per month.

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