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The finest in managed health care in Mexico. Use your US and Canada insurance in Mexico

As an expat from the United States, you might be wondering how you can leverage your existing medical insurance while living in Mexico. The good news is that you can seamlessly use your United States medical insurance in Mexico, providing you with the peace of mind and access to quality healthcare you deserve. In this article, we will explore the advantages of using your U.S. insurance in Mexico and highlight the exceptional services offered by Lakeside Medical Group, a trusted healthcare provider that eliminates deductibles, co-insurance, hidden fees, and out-of-pocket expenses.

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There is at least one first-rate hospital in every city of Mexico. Moreover, the cost of healthcare here is usually half or less than anything you may expect to pay in the US. Even the prescription drugs manufactured in Mexico are 30%-60% less than the US on an average. Therefore, in Mexico, anyone can expect to receive outstanding medical care services for normal to serious conditions. 

The private healthcare sector has grown considerably in the past few decades. Increasing disposable income, growing medical tourism, and easily accessible higher grade private healthcare services are aiding its growth. 

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Mexico is a beautiful country replete with natural vistas, rich culture, and great food. No wonder, it’s a popular destination among tourists who visit it often to get a slice of the Mexican life. But while planning for the perfect vacay, they often tend to overlook an important aspect which is healthcare. Holidays are fun and tourists usually are too preoccupied with packing and stuff to think of health emergencies that may arise during their holiday in Mexico no matter how short it is. The fact that the Mexican healthcare system does not entertain insurance purchased in other countries makes it even more difficult. Thankfully, there is Lakeside Medical Group in Mexico to take care of all your healthcare requirements. 

Registering for their service

Lakeside Medical Group is well known among expats and travelers for the incredible services they offer. They do not require you to purchase a new insurance plan in Mexico. They don't need you to do that because they allow over 350 American and Canadian insurance plans under their network. All they ask of you is just a few seconds to enroll with them for free. Once you become a registered member, you can rest assured of confidentiality as well as all the benefits and coverage as agreed upon with your insurance company. A HIPAA-compliant system, it asks for very basic information through an online registration form along with digital copies of your insurance ID and government ID. Once the registration process is complete, you can expect a call from them at a pre-agreed time.

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It's never easy to move to a new place, especially if you are moving to a different country. Each one brings along its own challenges. Among the many that you need to battle with, healthcare remains on top of the list for most. And if you are relocating to Mexico, you may also grapple with the language to some extent. Add to it, the fact that Mexico is not too accommodating when it comes to accepting healthcare insurance from other countries. So expats from the US and Canada have an additional concern to deal with. Of course, the only way to survive all of this and get the best healthcare services in Mexico is to register with Lakeside Medical Group.

Health for all in 3 easy steps

The Lakeside Medical Group is committed to providing the finest in healthcare for all concerned. It’s all very simple! The first step is to visit their website and look for all the relevant information you need to transition smoothly to Mexico. The second step is to fill out their registration form. It’s not too lengthy and doesn’t really require you to spend much time. The third and final step is to upload soft copies of your insurance ID and government ID and voila, you are now a member of the ever-growing family of Lakeside Medical Group. It boasts of an extensive network of physicians, clinics, diagnostic centers, and healthcare facilities. It accepts insurance plans from more than 350 American and Canadian insurance companies. All it expects you to do is sign up to enjoy uninterrupted services for all your healthcare needs. 

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It's not easy to move to a new country, especially if you are an expat least prepared for what staying in that country is all about. While you may be able to adapt to the new lifestyle sooner or later, you cannot afford to be ignorant about your health. You need to be well-prepared because an illness can come knocking on your door when you least expect it. 

If Mexico is the country you are moving to, you must know that it is a huge draw for visitors and expats alike. It is known for its rich culture, natural beauty, and relatively inexpensive lifestyle. What's more; even the healthcare system in Mexico is pretty robust and easily accessible. 

So what's the glitch you may ask?

Well, healthcare is fairly affordable in Mexico and it offers the very best in treatments and facilities to its people through public as well as private healthcare services. It's easier for expats however to stick around with private healthcare services since they are easier to access and the doctors who are usually trained in the USA or Europe speak English.

Not to mention the relatively less waiting time in private hospitals. Private healthcare is the preferred option for those who want better infrastructure and specialized services. 

Private healthcare and insurance

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