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Planning a vacation to Mexico -- Do Register with Lakeside Medical Group for Healthcare Emergencies

Planning a vacation to Mexico -- Do Register with Lakeside Medical Group for Healthcare Emergencies


Are you planning to come to Mexico for a vacation? Then along with knowing the places to visit, do know what you need for healthcare because health-related problems are unpredictable. Since you will be new to the place, finding the best hospital in Mexico can be quite challenging. Lakeside Medical Group is the best Expat medical care in Mexico that offers high quality of medical services and get you covered with your existing medical insurance.

There is no need of opting for separate travel insurance if you are visiting Mexico from the USA or Canada. Why Lakeside Medical Group? We are the finest in offering managing expat health care, absolutely at no registration cost. We make registrations easy and simpler with a quick registration process. Therefore, feel happy about the time, effort, and money you will be saving with joining hands with us.

How to register with Lakeside Medical Group with your existing insurance?

Our Member Registration form is available in the Registration section of our website. We follow a HIPAA compliant system and therefore, all information you provide to us are maintained confidentially. After becoming a registered member, our system allows you access the network information of our entire hospitals and doctors in Mexico. However, the benefits and coverage details that you gain from us will be based on the benefits of your existing US or Canadian medical insurance plan.

Along with providing some of your basic details in the registration form, you are required to upload the front and back of your insurance ID card and your government ID. We let you decide and tell us when will be the right time to get in touch with you. Once you submit the online form, we will receive your details in the backend, and one of our representatives will contact you as per the mode of communication you have selected in the form.

Why Lakeside Medical Group for healthcare emergencies?

Lakeside Medical Group offers a wide range of special services such as critical care medicine, emergency medicine, geriatric medicine, surgeons in every specialization, to handle emergencies, especially to expats who live in/travel to Mexico. We provide end-to-end care for your health as long you live in Mexico.

We offer managed care services, urgent and emergency care, in-house pharmacy, and emergency hospitalizations. Our staffs are well-trained and ensure hospitality with utmost care for expat patients. We will set your health right and let you enjoy your trip without any hassle if you experience any health issues anytime in your vacation.

Our world-class treatment by expert physicians in different health departments makes you normal within no time.


Plan for the safest vacation to Mexico and make your trip a memorable one, keeping in mind that Lakeside Medical Group is here to help you with any sort of health concerns you incur, while you are in Mexico. Our Expat medical services are available to you anytime, thereby providing a top-notch treatment within time. For clarifying doubts on our registration process, we recommend you contact us at +01-800-681-9396 and get it done smoothly.