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The finest in managed health care in Mexico. Use your US and Canada insurance in Mexico

The novel coronavirus continues to unfold its impact on the world’s economy, and Mexico is no exception. Mexico is known to have world-class medical facilities, still, it is also going through a difficult phase these days.

Though it may seem tough to grasp the healthcare and medical insurance in Mexico, in reality the public and private healthcare programs are highly accessible to the citizens as well as the residents. Now you might be thinking about how?

Well, The Instituto Mexicano de Seguro Social (IMSS) provides both Mexican citizens and expats legally residing in Mexico with No.1 medical insurance and healthcare services. Around ⅔rd of the country is enrolled in the IMSS healthcare program. This program provides complete coverage, including prescriptions.

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Exploring a country like Mexico not only sounds alluring but is in fact a unique and invigorating experience. The country shares its borders with the United States which makes it a frequent traveling spot for US residents. Whether you are on a short family vacation or on a long business trip, one thing that you must be sure to have is Medical Insurance coverage

Casualties may arise at any time and one must be prepared to deal with it. Medical insurance coverage helps you be prepared for any accidents or illnesses and it ensures that you do not have to face huge healthcare costs. Especially while you are traveling, an additional medical expense can disrupt your entire budget.

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If you are planning to move to Mexico, then you must find out how healthcare in Mexico is like for expats. Compared to the US, healthcare system in Mexico is quite friendly for expats. There are thousands of healthcare facilities across the country out of which at least one third belongs to the taxpayers. The biggest relief is that finding an English speaking doctor in Mexico won’t be a problem.

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