Is the Mexico Healthcare System friendly for expats?

Mexico Healthcare Systems- which one to choose?

There are mainly two healthcare systems in the country- Instituto Mexicano del Seguro Social (IMSS) and Seguro Popular. In Mexico, whoever works full time gets coverage under IMSS. Seguro Popular is like Medicaid or Medicare. It is available to those who aren’t covered under IMSS and who cannot afford private insurance.

So if you are a retired expat, you will be covered under Seguro Popular (after registration as a Mexico resident) whereas if you are a working expat, the IMSS will cover you.

When it comes to public healthcare, Mexico enjoys a decent reputation in terms of medical care.

Making Access to Quality Care Easy in Mexico

Mexican government’s Seguro Popular systemisfree and available at a very low cost whereas price for IMSS will depend on age and it won’t be covering pre-existing health conditions.

It is very important for expats to check their US insurance plans before moving to Mexico. For instance, you are a retired person and you wish to move to the country, you need to have a USA plan in place or else you will have to pay out of your pocket.

As an expat, you can also opt for private insurance companies. These companies make quality care available to expats and also offer direct billing services between providers and insurance agencies. Such companies can help you get access to high standards of care in Mexico and provide full coverage for your medical needs, whether you are travelling to Mexico or living there.

Tips to Remember

If you plan on choosing a private insurance carrier, then make sure they own and operate their facilities within Mexico. Find out whether or not the company caters to your insurance plan and the charges for membership or registration. Most reputed companies don’t charge money for registration or membership. They even waive off co-pays, co-insurance and deductibles. So make sure that you do some good research before choosing one.