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Healthcare System in Mexico

Healthcare System in Mexico


There is at least one first-rate hospital in every city of Mexico. Moreover, the cost of healthcare here is usually half or less than anything you may expect to pay in the US. Even the prescription drugs manufactured in Mexico are 30%-60% less than the US on an average. Therefore, in Mexico, anyone can expect to receive outstanding medical care services for normal to serious conditions. 

The private healthcare sector has grown considerably in the past few decades. Increasing disposable income, growing medical tourism, and easily accessible higher grade private healthcare services are aiding its growth. 

Private Health Insurance in Mexico

  • Private healthcare insurance is the most popular among expats. Despite being expensive, private hospitals are better equipped to provide higher quality care and access to specialized procedures.
  • Those who utilize private healthcare can easily avoid the waiting periods commonly associated with the public healthcare system. 
  • Private hospitals tend to have more experienced physicians and more English-speaking staff. 
  • According to current Mexican laws, all the medical expenses that employees are entitled to will be handled and paid through a single government institution, the IMSS or the Mexican Social Security Institute.
  • For employer-provided care, companies can offer private insurance to their employees. If this step is not taken, those employees can supplement from elsewhere according to their choice.
  • Currently, about 48% of all Mexican healthcare costs are financed privately. This may seem extreme, but actually, it is par in terms of other Latin American countries.

Mexico Health Care Facts

  • The healthcare systems operate independently and have their own set of doctors, pharmacies, physicians, and healthcare centers. People are allowed to use the services within their network.
  • Healthcare costs vary depending on the hospital, the seriousness of the condition, and the location, among others. An emergency room visit can charge you between 350 and 500 MXN (15 and 25 USD).
  • A doctor’s consultation costs approximately around 400 MXN (18 USD).
  • There are two types of Mexican pharmacies: Primera Clase and Segunda Clase. The Segunda Clase pharmacies are easily accessible, both in big cities and small towns, but cannot sell prescription medication. But the Primera Clase pharmacies are fewer in numbers but sell any type of prescribed drugs.
  • Mexico City, Monterrey, and Guadalajara houses are some of the best hospitals in the country. People should seek help in any of these locations in case of major medical issues.

Additional Considerations about Private Health Insurance in Mexico

The most important thing to understand is that in Mexico, healthcare plans come with their own unique sets of resources that include not only doctors and physicians, but pharmacies and health care centers too. All of these resources operate independently of one another, and both Mexican residents and citizens can use the services offered within their specific networks.

In terms of care, the country's private healthcare system is considered to be one of the best, but also the most expensive. Care provided within this system is paid using health insurance. Therefore, if a citizen of another country who happens to be traveling in Mexico gets sick or injured, they can receive exceptional care but have to pay more for it. However, a wide range of inexpensive and high-quality options do exist if they meet the eligibility criteria, they're also available to expats.

The Future of Private Health Insurance in Mexico

For the past few decades, Mexico's insurance and healthcare industries have shown strong signs of growth bringing macroeconomic stability to the country. The significant increase in the availability of financial services has also led to both local and foreign companies investing here which have led to increased market share.

Mexico's private health insurance market still offers an opportunity for growth, exceeding the rates commonly observed in many developed countries. For the best results, the sector should continue to focus on bringing mandatory insurance rules to the largest possible audience. Offering quality coverage at affordable rates to high-risk populations needs to be a priority.

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