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Healthcare Benefits for Expats when enrolled with Lakeside Medical Group

Healthcare Benefits for Expats when enrolled with Lakeside Medical Group


It is never a simple exercise to explore health and medical services in a new country-especially if you are an expat. But health is one factor that you cannot ignore if you are away from home. Make sure you are well-prepared for medical emergencies before moving to any new destination.

Mexico is one country that draws in expatriates every year due to its rich culture and inexpensive lifestyle. Even healthcare in Mexico is accessible and affordable.

Private healthcare service is the best option for expats moving to Mexico. This is because when compared to public or government hospitals, private clinics and hospitals are well-equipped and offer high quality care. They have English-speaking doctors who have been trained in the USA or Europe along with professional staff.

Waiting time is also less in private hospitals and clinics in Mexico. So if you are looking for better infrastructure and specialised services customised to your health needs, then private healthcare system is the best option.

Do private hospitals accept foreign insurance plans?

Mexico offers inexpensive, high quality healthcare but private hospitals don’t accept foreign health insurance plans. This means, that you will have to pay out-of-pocket if you are seeking medical services at a private hospital or clinic.

But if you wish to secure yourself from undue healthcare worries without spending extra, then become a member with Lakeside Medical Group.

Use your existing insurance in Mexico

With Lakeside Medical Group, you can avail high quality care using your existing US health insurance plan. There is no need for you to buy a new plan or spend anything extra.

Lakeside Medical Group is like a managed care HMO that accepts more than 350 USA and Canadian plans. You can check our website for the list of plans that our group accepts.

Here are some of the healthcare benefits that you can enjoy as an expat with Lakeside Medical Group:

Managed Care

As a registered member, you will be getting managed care with Lakeside Medical Group. If you fall sick, the group’s primary care physician will first see you in his/her medical office. If needed, referrals will be made to other doctors, hospital or diagnostic centres that come within the group’s network.

Emergency and urgent care

During your stay in Mexico, you don’t have to worry about emergency hospitalisation services if you are a registered member. In case you meet with an accident or get seriously ill, you can get hospitalised in any of the best hospital across the country.

Prescription drug benefit

Our group owns an in-house pharmacy from where you can get authentic prescription drugs. You can pick up the required medicines from the office at Hospital San Antonio in Lake Chapala.

You don’t have to pay anything to become a registered member with Lakeside Medical. Also, our network of hospitals and physicians adhere to the stringent protocols and guidelines of AMA (American Medical Association) so you can be assured of best quality care.