Expats - Get benefited with affordable healthcare services in Mexico


Healthcare in Mexico is undoubtedly the best for the expats. This is because of the fact that it is not profit-driven & no decisions are guided or filtered by the profit motive.

Mexico's healthcare is made up of two paths, i.e., IMSS system & Seguro Popular. The IMSS system is designed for the employees across the country, but it comes with various pre-existing conditions that can prohibit you from participating. Make sure to understand the details properly. The Seguro Popular system accepts all who apply without the concern of pre-existing conditions & are capable & willing to pay. Expats who have permanent or temporary residency may apply for this.

Also, expats can purchase private medical insurance if they want or they can choose to self-insure and pay out of pocket for all the routine expenses.

The hospital system in Mexico is a perfect blend of government-owned hospitals & private hospitals with high-class facilities at an affordable price. Though private hospitals are quite expensive as compared to the government hospitals, they are highly equipped with the best infrastructure and provide the best facilities. It is highly recommended to get medical insurance in order to protect yourself from the medical costs at the time of emergency.

We at Lakeside Medical Group accept 350+ medical plans and provide coverage for all your medical & healthcare needs while traveling or living in Mexico. Once you enroll with us & become the member, you can use your existing US insurance without any deductibles or co-insurance.

Now you might be thinking about the registration? Well, we provide free registration & membership with no hidden cost. Shifting to Mexico & need more details? We are just a call away.