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A Roadmap for HMO Services in Mexico

A Roadmap for HMO Services in Mexico


HMO services or health maintenance organization services in Mexico are quite popular due to their simplicity and cost-effectiveness. When compared to other types of plans, you will realize that an HMO plan is relatively less expensive. Typically, the primary care physician or your personal doctor coordinates everything to ensure that your health, as well as healthcare cost, is managed effectively. You get access to all those care providers who are within the HMO provider network ensuring that the fees you pay are minimal.

Should you opt for HMO plans?

HMO plans are pretty personalized taking into account your health history, medications, and the future course of treatment. The primary care doctor or PCP partners with you on the road to wellness though you can have different PCPs for different members of the family. And that's not all; you can change your PCP whenever you want as long as you are not hospitalized or in the second or third trimester of pregnancy.

The basics

An HMO plan takes care of all your medical needs right from screening and treatment to follow-ups and routine care. This keeps nasty medical conditions at bay that often go unnoticed due to lack of routine check-ups and early diagnosis. Through the HMO services, you can access doctors, diagnosis labs, imaging centers, medical equipment vendors, and any other specialty services that you may require. When you see a specialist within the HMO network, you don't need a referral from your PCP.

The cost factor

HMO health services can save you a lot of money especially since they are designed as a means to curtail healthcare costs. A set deductible or a premium or copay takes care of most of the cost since doctors within the network offer their services against a fixed fee. The key to savings is to stay within the network at all times. 

To choose or not to choose HMO

Since an HMO plan offers optimal benefits when you stay within the HMO network, it's for you to decide whether you would want to limit your choices. While it may work for certain people, some may find it restrictive. Luckily, there's Lakeside Medical Group that helps you in every tricky insurance situation. It works around the clock to ensure that you get to choose the doctor or services you want on the basis of your existing insurance plan. So even if you don't have an insurance plan that's specifically designed for Mexico, it will still help you access the healthcare services you want once you register with them. What’s more; the registration process is extremely simple and absolutely free. All you need to do is visit their website www.lakemedicalgroup.com and follow their instructions. 


HMO services may be a good option for you in Mexico. But if you wish to leverage your HMO network well or access services outside the network, seek assistance from Lakeside Medical Group. No matter where you are in Mexico, remember help is just a call away.