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A One-stop Solution for Expat Healthcare in Mexico in 3 Easy Steps

A One-stop Solution for Expat Healthcare in Mexico in 3 Easy Steps


It's never easy to move to a new place, especially if you are moving to a different country. Each one brings along its own challenges. Among the many that you need to battle with, healthcare remains on top of the list for most. And if you are relocating to Mexico, you may also grapple with the language to some extent. Add to it, the fact that Mexico is not too accommodating when it comes to accepting healthcare insurance from other countries. So expats from the US and Canada have an additional concern to deal with. Of course, the only way to survive all of this and get the best healthcare services in Mexico is to register with Lakeside Medical Group.

Health for all in 3 easy steps

The Lakeside Medical Group is committed to providing the finest in healthcare for all concerned. It’s all very simple! The first step is to visit their website https://www.lakemedicalgroup.com/ and look for all the relevant information you need to transition smoothly to Mexico. The second step is to fill out their registration form. It’s not too lengthy and doesn’t really require you to spend much time. The third and final step is to upload soft copies of your insurance ID and government ID and voila, you are now a member of the ever-growing family of Lakeside Medical Group. It boasts of an extensive network of physicians, clinics, diagnostic centers, and healthcare facilities. It accepts insurance plans from more than 350 American and Canadian insurance companies. All it expects you to do is sign up to enjoy uninterrupted services for all your healthcare needs. 

The prime benefits

Lakeside Medical Group offers excellent services while adhering to the guidelines and protocols specified by the American Medical Association or AMA. It provides:

  • Managed Care - So if you fall sick while staying in Mexico, you simply have to see their primary care physician in their office before getting referrals to other specialty doctors or clinics. 
  • Urgent and Emergency Care - Urgent and emergency care is just a call away when you register with Lakeside Medical Group. Right from ambulance service to prompt care at prominent urgent care centres’, medical help is always around you.
  • Prescription drugs - Lakeside Medical Group is pretty stocked up with the latest medicines in their in-house pharmacy. No matter which medicines you need, you can always collect them from the pharmacy and allow your insurance company to pay the Group for them. Home delivery service is also available across several cities in Mexico. 
  • Medicare - While standard Medicare A and B are not allowed outside the United States, the group offers coverage and care under Medicare Advantage and Supplement Plans.

Summing up

Lakeside Medical Group is a one-stop solution for expat healthcare in Mexico. At no extra cost, and without deductibles and co-insurance, it offers you the best medical care in Mexico. The best part is that it is just 3 simple steps away.