5 things expats need to know about Health Insurance in Mexico


Mexico is known for the best healthcare facilities & excellent quality of care that is relatively inexpensive. All these facilities are available to the expats too, provided they meet the eligibility criteria. So make sure that you have the proper knowledge of these things -

  • Health emergencies - It is always recommended to keep the contact number of the doctors & clinics at hand. You can get this information from the neighbors, friends & colleagues. Also, Mexico has recently announced a national ‘911’ number for any medical emergencies.
  • Every individual or family moving to Mexico, should properly evaluate the healthcare options that are available & get a quote from at least one of the private health insurance providers, to properly understand the coverage, quality & cost of the available plans.
  • Expats with a permanent or temporary visa can apply for the Mexican public health care insurance system - IMSS - Instituto Mexicano de Seguro Social - but it should be noted that the IMSS does not cover the preventive care, maternity care, dental care, or expats who wish to avail services outside Mexico.
  • Various employers enroll their employees in the IMSS automatically & offer private recommendations as well.
  • Before you move to a place, make sure to contact the nearest hospital in that area. Consider the following factors -

How far is the hospital from your stay? Is it easy to communicate? What insurance do they accept? And what benefits can you avail with the Lakeside Medical Group?

Once you are clear with all these things, you can easily travel from one place to another, without having to worry about your health or medical insurance.

Still, have doubts? Contact Lakeside Medical Group! We have a team of physicians & an extensive network of hospitals, urgent care centers, & board-certified specialists, primary care physicians, lab diagnostic centers & pharmacies & provide comprehensive care using your existing policy. We accept more than 350 types of US and Canadian healthcare insurance.