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Benefit of Prescribing Pharmacy with Lakeside Medical Group

Benefit of Prescribing Pharmacy with Lakeside Medical Group


According to a survey by International Living, expats can find excellent quality healthcare in Mexico at prices as low as 50% or less compared to the United States. Quality, accessibility and affordability of healthcare are top three factors due to which expat numbers are on the rise in the country. The long U.S border also allows retirees to take advantage of the US Medicare system in Mexico. 

Almost every city in Mexico has first-rate hospital with well-trained, English speaking doctors. Common prescription drugs are also easily available in the country and most pharmacy chains have an adjacent doctor office for free medical advice. 

Save More on Healthcare with Lakeside Medical Group 

Healthcare in Mexico is adequate and inexpensive; however, registering with an HMO like Lakeside Medical Group can be of great help. You will get access to high quality healthcare in Mexico without having to pay any membership fees or additional charges. 

Avail Lakeside Medical Prescription Drug Benefit’s Today!

Once you register with Lakeside Medical Group FREE of cost, we will take care of all your prescription medicine needs. We have an in-house pharmacy store that will take care of your monthly medicine requirements. Just inform us the medicines you need and we will get it home delivered to you at no extra cost. Lakeside Medical Group will charge you nothing for this service. The medications will get billed directly to your insurance company. 

Upside of Choosing Lakeside Medical Group

The company accepts more than 350 USA and Canada insurance plans, so whether you are relocating for work or retiring in Mexico, you don’t have to worry about quality healthcare access during your stay. Without having to pay anything extra, you will get access to the best of private clinics, hospitals and doctors in Mexico.

The group also covers emergency hospitalization service. Once you register with Lakeside Medical, you can get treatment in any hospital (within the group’s network) under the policy. You don’t have to worry about services like laboratory diagnostics, specialist visit, minor acute care or access to common medical procedures because the company will take care of everything. 

In case your insurance plan isn’t on the group’s list, you can contact us and we will be happy to assist you. So, what are you waiting for? Register with us for FREE to enjoy top-notch healthcare in Mexico.