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A guide to Healthcare Insurance for Expats in Mexico

A guide to Healthcare Insurance for Expats in Mexico


Moving to Mexico for a short period of time or already living there as an expat? Here’s a guide to the Mexican healthcare system & insurance for expats.

Mexico is known for an impressive & efficient healthcare system, consisting of various public & private healthcare schemes. Also, the healthcare in Mexico is very much affordable as compared to the other countries, which makes it a best destination for medical tourism.

An expat in Mexico can go for any of these types of healthcare insurance in Mexico, i.e., public, private, or a combination of both.

A private medical insurance plan covers the personal needs and gives direct access to private doctors, clinics and hospitals in Mexico. The policies are crafted based on the individual situation & the premium is based on the factors like age, terms, coverage, etc. It is usually expensive but most of the expats usually prefer to go for private medical insurance because private hospitals provide high quality services, specialised doctors, etc. This insurance is available to anyone who can afford it.

A public or IMSS healthcare service is the one that is funded by the government or employer & employee payroll taxes. It is available to all those who are employed full time in Mexico or want to enroll voluntarily. The expats who have temporary or permanent visas can apply for this insurance. Though the medical facilities are a bit over-crowded, studies show that 83% of people are satisfied by the services provided by IMSS. Also, it is comparatively less expensive.

Seguro Popular is provided to the ones who are not covered under private or public healthcare insurance. Here, the premium is charged based on the income and assets on the individual. Expats with visas can apply for this. Only the poorest 20% of the population gets it for free.

How much does healthcare insurance cost in Mexico?

An IMSS coverage can cost around US$400 per year.

The cost of private insurance can vary, but on an average it cost around US$1,700 per year.

Who is covered by the public health insurance?

People who are formally employed in Mexico are given IMSS coverage. The amount is matched by the employer & is deducted from the salary of an employee. People who do not fall under this category can enroll voluntarily.

Are pre-existing conditions covered?

You cannot get coverage from the IMSS if you have any pre-existing conditions.

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