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5 common queries about Healthcare in Mexico for Expats

5 common queries about Healthcare in Mexico for Expats


If you are moving to Mexico as an expat, you don’t have to worry about the availability of quality healthcare services. Mexico offers universal healthcare which is affordable and easily accessible. This is one of the main reasons why many US citizens either settle in this country or come here for cheap treatments. 

Need more clarity? Here are top 5 queries that expats have about healthcare in Mexico:

1) What are the available health insurance options?

Expats employed in Mexico are enrolled in IMSS (Instituto Mexicano del Seguro Social) which is a government organization assisting with public healthcare. This plan will not cover pre-existing conditions and the fees will depend on the expat’s financial situation and age.   If expats covered by the national healthcare system want to access to private healthcare, then they can choose to buy a private international or Mexican health insurance plan.

2) Are medicines easily available in Mexico?

Common prescription medicines are easily available in the country. For procuring certain medicines, you don’t even need a prescription. However, a doctor’s script is definitely required for buying narcotic drugs and antibiotics. Medicines are cheaper in Mexico compared to the USA. If you have a federal discount card, you can enjoy discounts at local supermarket pharmacies. 

3) Is medical treatment expensive in Mexico?

As per a report by the International Living, cost of routine healthcare in the country is half or less of what expats usually pay in the United States of America. For instance, the cost of visiting a private doctor, including a specialist can range between $12 to $50 in Mexico whereas the cost of an MRI ranges between $300 to $500 (this can cost expats somewhere around $2,600 in the US on an average). Even the cost of prescription drugs manufactured in country is about 30%-60% less compared to the US.

4) Is health insurance available for 65+ expats in Mexico?

Compared to the US healthcare insurance, Mexican medical coverage is generally not available to expats who are above 60 years of age or have pre-existing conditions. They either need to pay out of pocket for routine medical checkups and medications or they need to enrol in IMSS or Seguro Popular plans. Private care is good compared public healthcare system in Mexico. 

5) Should I opt for a private insurance carrier?

Many expats choose to register with a private insurance carrier in Mexico like Lakeside Medical Group. This company covers all medical needs of registered members and gives them access to the best of clinics, doctors and hospitals in the country. As a member, expats get to enjoy full medical attention whenever needed. There are no registration charges or any hidden fees. Under the managed care policy of the group, their team handles everything from routine checkups and consultation to hospitalization for the embers. 

Moving to a new country entails a lot of consideration and planning, so make sure you prepared in advance.