Expat Healthcare in Mexico- Things to Know

  • Standard of healthcare services in Mexico is satisfactory and you can find several world-class medical facilities out there. The network of private clinics and public hospitals is quite good in the country.
  • For working expats in Mexico, medical treatment can be obtained under the IMSS program. However, this is applicable only if the organisation the expat is working with gets him/her registered for the service. The entire process is quite complicated, so it is not recommended for expats to register on their own.
  • When expats are registered with IMSS, it will cover them for healthcare services as well as salary payments in case of major accident or illness. If you have been accepted into the program, you will be issued a card. Make sure you carry the card every time you visit the doctor.
  • In Mexico, the entire National Health System falls under the Ministry of Health regulation. The government provides Seguro Popular to individuals who are not covered under IMSS or any other private coverage. If you plan on living in Mexico full time and become a legal resident, then you can apply for this healthcare insurance program.
  • Your age will be impacting the health insurance options you get. For instance, if you are below 60-65 years of age, then you can buy private hospitalisation coverage, depending on the company you are working for. This will generally not cover routine doctor visits or medications that are result of a covered incident. The premiums however, will increase every year as you age.
  • There are quite a few retirees from the USA who choose to keep Medicare while their stay in Mexico. Expats also have the option of choosing a private insurance company that makes quality healthcare available to them in Mexico. Such companies also offer direct billing services between the insurance agencies and providers. By opting for such companies, expats can enjoy full coverage for their medical needs and get high standard of care.
  • As an expect, you should also know that hospitals in Mexico sometimes require payment in advance. Also, except for narcotic medication and antibiotics, prescription medicines are easily available without the doctor’s script.