COVID-19 measures for expats in Mexico


The private medical healthcare system is quite expensive but is best in Mexico. And if you are an expat in Mexico, you are likely to incur more charges. What to do now? Well, care in such cases is taken care of by the insurance service providers. All the sufficiently covered individuals get the best services.

On May 13, 2020 the Mexican authorities reported 40,186 confirmed cases and 4,220 deaths. The situation is getting worse day by day. Now the question arises as to what will happen if the virus starts to overwhelm the economy and healthcare system?

Keeping this in mind, the government of Mexico has declared a health emergency and implemented a number of measures that aimed at stopping the spread of the novel coronavirus, and the illness that it causes. The measures include the restriction on travel, social distancing, closure of schools, and shut down of non-essential activities.

To bring normalization in the economic activities the government announced a green, yellow, orange, and red color system for the states to represent the extent of activities allowed in that particular area. Also, the government has taken various measures for the expats in Mexico. Various entry restrictions, immigration restrictions, and immigration concessions have been imposed.

A vast majority of people in Mexico are from North America and Europe. The government’s policies are prioritizing to combat the economic effects of COVID-19, by including more health spending and strengthening social safety.

Also, the expats in Mexico are eligible to avail of various benefits given by Mexico healthcare.

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