The novel coronavirus continues to unfold its impact on the world’s economy, and Mexico is no exception. Mexico is known to have world-class medical facilities, still, it is also going through a difficult phase these days.

Though it may seem tough to grasp the healthcare and medical insurance in Mexico, in reality the public and private healthcare programs are highly accessible to the citizens as well as the residents. Now you might be thinking about how?

Well, The Instituto Mexicano de Seguro Social (IMSS) provides both Mexican citizens and expats legally residing in Mexico with No.1 medical insurance and healthcare services. Around ⅔rd of the country is enrolled in the IMSS healthcare program. This program provides complete coverage, including prescriptions.

The private medical healthcare system is quite expensive but is best in Mexico. And if you are an expat in Mexico, you are likely to incur more charges. What to do now? Well, care in such cases is taken care of by the insurance service providers. All the sufficiently covered individuals get the best services.

On May 13, 2020 the Mexican authorities reported 40,186 confirmed cases and 4,220 deaths. The situation is getting worse day by day. Now the question arises as to what will happen if the virus starts to overwhelm the economy and healthcare system?

Keeping this in mind, the government of Mexico has declared a health emergency and implemented a number of measures that aimed at stopping the spread of the novel coronavirus, and the illness that it causes. The measures include the restriction on travel, social distancing, closure of schools, and shut down of non-essential activities.

To bring normalization in the economic activities the government announced a green, yellow, orange, and red color system for the states to represent the extent of activities allowed in that particular area. Also, the government has taken various measures for the expats in Mexico. Various entry restrictions, immigration restrictions, and immigration concessions have been imposed.

A vast majority of people in Mexico are from North America and Europe. The government’s policies are prioritizing to combat the economic effects of COVID-19, by including more health spending and strengthening social safety.

Also, the expats in Mexico are eligible to avail of various benefits given by Mexico healthcare.

If you are an expat and need any services or assistance related to medical and healthcare, don’t worry! You can contact Lakeside Medical Group. We are there to help you round the clock.


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Stay healthy, stay safe!

Exploring a country like Mexico not only sounds alluring but is in fact a unique and invigorating experience. The country shares its borders with the United States which makes it a frequent traveling spot for US residents. Whether you are on a short family vacation or on a long business trip, one thing that you must be sure to have is Medical Insurance coverage

Casualties may arise at any time and one must be prepared to deal with it. Medical insurance coverage helps you be prepared for any accidents or illnesses and it ensures that you do not have to face huge healthcare costs. Especially while you are traveling, an additional medical expense can disrupt your entire budget.

Mexico does have its own National healthcare system but it only covers the medical expenses for those who pay into the system (Mexicans or immigrants). Moreover, the country does not have any reciprocal medical care arrangements with foreign countries and so the tourists have to make specific provisions for their medical needs.

Original Standard Medicare A and B do not offer any coverage for you. However Medicare Advantage and Supplement Plans are accepted in Mexico through Lakeside Medical Group

A very convenient and cost-effective way to tackle an emergency medical situation is to use your existing US Medical insurance. Your US Medical Insurance may consist of provisions and covers that can come handy when you are on a trip. Certain health insurance providers offer travel health insurance coverage also which is valid in some of the hospitals and clinics in Mexico. So, before going out on a trip it is advisable that one must obtain appropriate details to best understand the coverage of their existing US Medical Insurance.

While there are a few options for foreigners to obtain an insurance coverage for healthcare expenses in Mexico the best option is to see if your existing US Health Insurance is accepted in Mexico. Nobody likes to bear an additional cost, especially that of an event that may or may not occur.

Lakeside Medical Group accepts over 350 different American and Canadian health insurance plans. We do not charge deductibles or Co-Insurance. Registration and membership are free. There are no hidden costs. Lakeside Medical Group owns and operates its own facilities in Mexico along with its independent contracted hospitals, laboratories, specialists, diagnostic centers, out-patient facilities and pharmacies in. We are here 24*7 to offer you the best assistance in any medical situation. Feel free to reach out for any question and you can also visit our website for further details.

Planning to move to Mexico? Have you thought about healthcare accessibility in the country? As an expat, there are a few things that you must know before you move to Mexico for work or after retiring.

If you are planning to move to Mexico, then you must find out how healthcare in Mexico is like for expats. Compared to the US, healthcare system in Mexico is quite friendly for expats. There are thousands of healthcare facilities across the country out of which at least one third belongs to the taxpayers. The biggest relief is that finding an English speaking doctor in Mexico won’t be a problem.