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Mexico enjoys enviable popularity and a lot can be attributed to its culture, natural beauty and its lively vibe. Mexico in general has a bit of everything one looks forward to in order to lead a happy, healthy life. Every year Mexico sees a growing number of expats and tourists too. Then there are Californians, Texans, Arizonans and the like who come often to Mexico to buy prescription drugs due to easy access to the Mexican border.

Why Mexico?

So why would anyone want to go all the way to Mexico to buy prescribed drugs you may wonder. While some drugs may not be readily available locally, some cost less in Mexico than they would in the United States. Also, those that may require a prescription otherwise are sold over the counter in Mexico. Whether you are one of those who have made up their mind of buying prescription drugs in Mexico or an expat living there wanting to get medications delivered to you, there are a few things you should know.

Buying prescription drugs in Mexico

Despite what you may have heard, the rules in Mexico are pretty strict too. Most pharmacies will ask you for prescription for the medicines you need. Typically, Mexico sells prescription drugs through Farmacias del Ahorro and Farmacias Similares - the 2 types of pharmacies in Mexico where del Ahorro refers to a nationwide chain of pharmacies and Similares refers to a chain of discount pharmacies. Generic substitutes are readily available for medicines and are often fairly inexpensive as compared to popular brands.

Having said that, Mexican laws are pretty strict too when it comes to drug offenses, leading to heavy fines and at times a jail sentence. Make sure that you get the prescription from authorized practitioners only.

The easy way to access medications

The hassle-free way to get the medication you want that too in a jiffy is to sign up with a private insurance carrier such as Lakeside Medical Group. The best part about them is that they provide you services at no additional cost as long as you register with them. They ensure that medicines are delivered at your doorstep and your insurance company is billed for it directly. 

Designed for expats living in Mexico, the services offered by this carrier provide a simple way to stay covered by your insurance provider even in Mexico. So no matter where it was issued, you can continue to reap benefits while you stay in Mexico. 

What's more, they will ensure that you get a particular medicine even if it's not available in Mexico through its excellent network of service providers. They also rely on their in-house pharmacy which is usually stocked up with popular, high quality medicines.

At your service, always

Lakeside Medical Group supports over 350 USA and Canadian insurance plans to provide you everything from medications and healthcare support to specialized medical services. Just register for free and enjoy the finest in health and medical care. 

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